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 Second day for Trips on Airbnb "Kimono Fashionista"

This trips on Airbnb "Kimono Fashionista" is second days experience.
About First day here is article.


Second day is most exciting and fun part of this Trip.
You will learn how to wear Kimono by yourself. The lesson will be around one hour lesson.
You may be little tired by the end of the lesson. But fun part is next!
You are browsing around local area with your own unique styling Kimono.
And go to local area and small but beautiful and powerful local shrine.
I will take your pictures at great photo spot.

After the walking, we are going to have a lunch with Kimono.
I am sure you will notice Kimono is just fashion item.
When you back to Kimono shop, you have to take off Kimono.
But if you want to keep the Kimono you can buy it! I hope you wear the Kimono at your country.

First day of this trip, I will give you a map of this area. If you want to look around the local area, feel free to ask me about my recommendation. The place is close from skytower.

When you come to Tokyo Japan, join my Trip and enjoy Tokyo with me and Kimono.

Modish Kimono stylist Michael Yui
facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/Kewaiya/
tell no.:070-5027-8722

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