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 What you are going to do first day of Trips on Airbnb

Kimono Fashionista is two days experience in Tokyo.
First day, you will choose Kimono with me.

After we meet each other at meeting point, we are going to my favorite local Cafe near Kimono shop.
After introduce and get known each other, you can see my Kimono styling portfolio and choose your favorite style from my portfolio with delicious coffee and desert.
P_20161220_140349.jpg P_20170114_132632.jpg

After we left Cafe, you can see a lot of different kind of Kimono at my favorite second hand shop. You will see more than 100 Kimonos at the shop.
First choose Kimono, second choose Obi-belt and you can put more your own outfit or accessories if you want make your style more unique and modish.
Don't worry I will help you to style up you.
After you choose full styling of Kimono, first day is over.
You will come back to Kimono shop on second day!

Second day will be most exciting part!

Modish Kimono stylist Michael Yui
facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/Kewaiya/
tell no.:070-5027-8722

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