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 If people wear Kimono like 400years ago.

A lot of people say my Kimono styling is very unique because I mixed Kimono and western clothes and it is very different from traditional Kimono styling.
But I don't do anything special, here is my concept of Kimono styling.
If present day people wear Kimon like 400 years ago, people wear Kimono with western clothes.

More than 400 years ago, for Japanese people, Kimono was just daily clothes.
Everybody wore Kimono without rules. At that time people only have Kimono. That's why they didn't mix Kimono and western clothes. But if they had Kimono and western clothes, I am sure people will mix the Kimono and western clothes for their fashion. Because people love to enjoy fashionable style.
That's my concept of Kimono styling.

Enjoy modish style of Kimono with me.

Modish Kimono stylist Michael Yui
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