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 Meaning of Kimono(着物) in Japanese Kanji.

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Even Japanese people use vocabulary "Kimono" means traditional clothes in Japan.
But if I translate "着物(Kimono in Kanji)" directly, it means clothes.
着 means wear and 物 means things.

What I try to do is that Kimono become just clothes again because if nobody wears Kimono, Kimono culture is dead. I want Kimono to be survived 1,000years later and more.

If you have any chance to come to Japan, please try the Kimono
You can experience Kimono when you come to Japan at my Kimono experience in Airbnb Magical Trip "Kimono Fahionista".

If you need Kimono lesson for wearing it by yourself, feel free to ask me. I will go for Kimono lesson anywhere even other countries -transportation fee is not included in lesson fee.
If you wear Kimono as just one of you clothes, you may save the Kimono culture for 1,000years later.
Enjoy Kimono as fashionable item.

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