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 Kimono lesson is available in English.

Yesterday I got a student from Brazil for my Kimono lesson.She took both lesson how to wear Kimono by herself and how to dress Kimono to others.She was really good at wearing it. It is her first lesson! She just learn Obi-belt part for how to dress others.Isn't it beautiful? She has shop in Brazil and some of original clothes at her shop got idea from Kimono.You better check. It is reall...

 If people wear Kimono like 400years ago.

A lot of people say my Kimono styling is very unique because I mixed Kimono and western clothes and it is very different from traditional Kimono styling.But I don't do anything special, here is my concept of Kimono styling.If present day people wear Kimon like 400 years ago, people wear Kimono with western clothes.More than 400 years ago, for Japanese people, Kimono was just daily clothes.Everybod...

 Kimono Stylist Yui.

Hello I am Yui. I am Kimono and western clothes Stylist. Born in Yokohama on 1983.After getting a dressing Kimono and Kimono teacher master, I start to working as Kimono dresser.After few years, I start Kimono class how to wear Kimono because I want a lot of people to present themselves by Kimono. And I start to work as Kimono stylist.I joined Kimono fashion-show as stylist and joined fashion...