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Category: Kimono trivia

 Experience the easy Kimono.

A lot of people think Kimono is difficult to wear.Yes it is true and fault.If you wear traditional Kimono it is going to be really difficult.So try casual and modish Kimono styling. You can wear Kimono top of your own clothes. It makes you warmer and good in winter season.I hope a lot of people wear Kimono by themselves.Kimono Fashionista experience.http://www.airbnb.jp/experiences/1194...

 Meaning of Kimono(着物) in Japanese Kanji.

 Even Japanese people use vocabulary "Kimono" means traditional clothes in Japan.But if I translate "着物(Kimono in Kanji)" directly, it means clothes.着 means wear and 物 means things.What I try to do is that Kimono become just clothes again because if nobody wears Kimono, Kimono culture is dead. I want Kimono to be survived 1,000years later and more.If you have any chance to come ...

 How to wear Kimono?

One of the biggest difference between Kimono and western clothes is there are no buttons, zippers or snaps for Kimono.How to wear Kimono is wrap yourself with Kimono and tied with strings like the picture below. After you wear Kimono you can put Obi-belt for tied up Kimono beautiful.You always think about combination of Kimono and Obi-belt for traditional Kimono style. Fun part of Kimono...